Package com.mebigfatguy.tomailer

Class Summary
CssItem represents a one css item, consisting of a css selector and rules for that selector
CssParser parses a css block that is found in between style tags, or referenced from an external link tag.
CssSelectorComparator a comparator that orders CssItems based on the selector Id selectors have highest priority, followed by class selectors, then path selectors, and finally single element selectors.
ToMailer the basic servlet that handles requests to convert web page html to email html
ToMailerDelegate the main processer for converting web pages to email pages
ToMailerEntityResolver resolves entities around html strict, transitional and frameset dtds, along with the entity definitions so that the code doesn't access the definitions, which will deny access with 503 errors.

Exception Summary
ToMailerException a general exception for problems that occur while trying to convert web page html to email htmls.

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